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Faye Scott, Lucy, Walthamstow E17


"Katie & Friends Pet Services have looked after my 7 year old cocka Lucy (Lala) on several occasions. Lucy is prone to eye and ear problems that need to be maintained often I can always trust that the staff caring for Lucy are aware of these issues and I can sleep easy at night knowing Lucy is in experienced hands! I would strongly recommend Katie & Friends Pet Services to be the best pet service provider around!"

Greg Smith, Lucky, Chingford


"Lucky has boarded / lived in with Katie on a few occasions and is always clearly pleased to see Katie when she arrives to collect her for the next stay ! I have found Katie to be punctual, professional & friendly on each occasion but, more than that I'm always satisfied and content that my dog is lovingly cared for. P.s. I really love the email message update...nice touch Katie ;)"

Madeleine Byron, Ruby & Elliot, Waltham Abbey


"Katie Blackman is the best dog minder ever! She had Ruby & Elliot for me over xmas at a very reasonable rates and I will only ever use Katie again to have my dogs they will never go in kennels.She had them in her home they loved being there and getting long walks and lots of fuss. So if you need your pets looked after look up Katie I highly recommend her. I wouldn't leave my two with anyone I didn't trust 100%."

Ruth Gordon, Chilli & Pepper, Waltham Abbey


"Chilli and Pepper are our babies.... I mean our Shitzu pups. Whenever we are away or even out for a day, Katie's service is always amazing. The dogs are collected for no extra charge or I can drop off and looked after so well. I know they love it with Katie as they greet her with wagging tails and such excitement whenever they see her! Katie has often bathed Chilli and Pepper for me during their stay so I am greeted by clean happy dogs on my return.

I would fully recommend this to all as Katie provides a truly professional and affordable service.


Thank you Katie xxx xxx" 

Kate Kitsiou,

Cookie, Epping


"Katie & Friends Pet Services is an outstanding company! Katie has provided services for my Cockapoo since she was a few months old and I am so grateful for the support, advice and experience she has shared with me. I was very anxious at first of leaving my puppy with someone else, but Katies friendly and confident approach put me at ease straight away. She always attends on time and I trust her implicitly. This cannot be said for other companies I have trialled! After every visit, Katie sends me a message to let me know how my four-legged friend is getting on; this puts my mind at ease and brings a smile to my face as Katie will often send me an image of my puppy having fun. When Cookie (my puppy) sees Katie, her tail frantically wags and I can tell that they have a happy relationship. I rate Katie & Friends Pet Services as the best in the area and would happily recommend this organisation to anyone!"

Lucy Sargeant,

Poppy, Epping


"We have Katie come during the week to walk our puppy Poppy. We have also used her boarding service when we have stayed away a couple of times- Both are excellent services! Everyday I get updates on how Poppy was, pictures showing how much she enjoys her walks. From the first visit Katie was very thorough to understand our routine so it was not too worrying to leave Poppy on her own in the day. I cannot recommend Katie's service highly enough I know that my dog is in safe hands and Poppy looks forward to seeing her each day. I am a very satisfied customer and I can trust that I will have a happy and content puppy when I return home from work. Thank you."

Gary Markham, Sky, Chigwell


"I have been using Katie & Friends Pet Services walking service now for the last two years and would recommend it to anyone!!! Katie provides a very caring, professional and reliable service. The best recommendation I have ever had, thank you Katie x"

Mrs Browne, Twinkle (cat), Waltham Cross 


"Katies & Friends Pet Services are always on time and very professional! They are always here to help with Twinkle even if I just need advice they are always welcoming and caring. I would strongly suggest Katie and Friends to others.”

Lucy Alston, Joey,

Waltham Abbey


"Katie and friends have been looking after my 18 month old Chihuahua daily for the past 6 months now. Before this I had been with him 24 hours a day, and had never left him in the house on his own ever. This made him really clingy, as he came everywhere with me, but had to start a new job so needs must. I was of course, really nervous about this. When I first approached Katie she came to my home and met Joey. She was extremely professional and came with a portfolio of her work and qualifications. We then went to Katie’s home so Joey could meet her dogs Kye and Blue, which even though were huge compared to my Chihuahua, he got on with straight away.


6 months down the line I couldn't be happier. I drop him off in the mornings and collect him after work, however Katie is so accommodating. If I need Joey dropped off at mine or at my parents, I will send her a text and nothing is an issue.


In the morning Joey jumps straight out of my car and runs up to Katies door. He is always greeted happily and with Kye barking for him before we even gets to the door… As dog owners we know our dogs, and joey couldn't be happier, which is noted by his lovely happy self he always is.  I was very anxious about joey being on his own at all, so Katie takes him on her jobs which is of great comfort to me. I get my daily text messages and pictures which is lovely


I recently went abroad for 17 days, and he boarded with Katie. I wouldn't have left him with anyone else, as I trust her implicitly… again I could tell he had a great time. He has generally become more obedient as Katie also does training with him….. 


I cant recommend Katie and Friends services highly enough, she is simply my life saver. I can be at work knowing Joey is being well cared for…. I call it his little school!!


If you are in any doubt weather to use Katie and Friends, I would be more than happy to be contacted directly to give further references."

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