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Dog Boarding  


Pet boarding is a service designed as an alternative to kennels/catteries. As a lot of animals suffer separation anxiety and health issues before and after boarding in these establishments. Pet boarding is held in our own family home providing a friendly, safe, comfortable environment, a second home from home.  With this service you are ensuring your pet receives loving one to one care minimalising stress and anxiety. Our boarding service includes a one hour walk per day, feeding, watering and general care. 

We strive to keep your pets routine exactly the same as it would be at home. Therefore we ask all pets who board with us to supply their own beds, bowls and toys as these act as comforts from home whilst you are away an absence of these personal belongings can trigger anxiety.


We understand that separation is often upsetting and stressful for both you and your pet, Katie & Friends Pet Services will strive to ensure peace of mind and an enjoyable experience.

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