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Pet Visits

Pet visits are another convenient service Katie & Friends Pet Services have to offer. We would visit your home while your away and ensure your pet is fed, watered, exercised, happy and healthy in your absence. These visits are extremely flexible in regards to duration and timing. 

Our aim is to sustain your pets normal routine and care patterns and to offer peace of mind to both you and your pet. Whether you require us to feed, water, walk or merely just to pop in for cuddles and companionship. Katie & Friends Pet Services are happy to help! 

Puppy Visits


Having a puppy can be hard work we offer tailored puppy visits whilst you are at work or out for the day. This service can include a short walk once they have been vaccinated along with feeding, playtime and socialisation.

Cat Visits


Cat visits for one or multiple cats ideal for when you are on holiday or out for a long period of time. This service includes feeding, general cleaning, husbandry and of course lots of cuddles! Cat visits are typically a duration of 15mins – 20 mins depending on your cats personal requirements.

Dog Visits


Out at work all day? Leaving your pooch for a long period of time? Visits are a great way to break up the day for your pet. Our visiting can include a short walk, feeding, playtime and whatever your dog may need.

Pop-ins and Sitting


We understand some pets require a bit of extra special care and attention.


Katie & Friends offer services for them too! Whether you just need someone to pop-in for 5mins or to keep your pet company all day, pop-ins and sitting is the service for you.

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