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Dog Walking


Katie & Friends Pet Services offer a convenient, reliable and trustworthy dog walking service. Whether your dog requires this service, once a month, once a week long or short sessions we strive to meet the needs and personal requirements of both you and your dog. All our walkers are professional and experienced dog handlers with a strong knowledge of husbandry, welfare, canine behaviour and are all animal first aid trained. This service is ideal for weight loss, fitness, boredom and general exercise requirements.  

Each dog has their own personality, temperament and behavioural patterns and it is important our walkers are familiar with these to ensure your dogs safety and happiness whilst using our walking service.


Katie & Friends Pet Services require a 'meet and greet' session prior to our appointments to discuss the following:

    •    Training methods you may have in place

    •    Behavioural problems that we need to be               aware of and our possible solutions to   

          improve these behaviours

    •    Walking equipment and normal routines

    •    Health status

    •    Behavioural assessment

    •    General introduction to our walking service





Our dog walking service is normally an hour session either held in a group or solely. However timings and durations of walking sessions are extremely flexible and adaptable to your dogs personal requirements and needs. First time users of this service will receive singular sessions for two weeks, as our walkers need to work one to one with your dog to create a high level of trust and to ensure that you, your dog and our walkers are confident we are catering for your dogs needs to the best of our ability.

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